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So what is “TRAC5” exactly?

This term refers to a 5th “track” or unique "way" to deal with conflict. And we discovered that this "5th track" can also be applied to personal, day-to-day relationships. It emphasizes a spiritually based, person-to-person model of peacemaking... We like to refer to this as “Jesus-centric diplomacy.”

TRAC5 serves to enhance the existing traditional four tracks used by governments; which are political, diplomatic, military and economic. These four traditional tracks are important, but they simply fail to address the personal and spiritual factors often fueling conflict.

TRAC5 was developed through trial and error by incorporating over 20 years of real-world application. This works in part because of our passion for Scripture, especially applying the language Jesus used, 2000 years ago.

In short, we have found a foolproof way to achieve the impossible. And frankly, we take little credit for the results because TRAC5 relies on the power of the Holy Spirit. Speaking from experience, it works nearly 100% of the time. The question is... are you willing to apply this spiritual track in your day-to-day life?

TRAC5 has helped to put an end to 7 wars, it helped to release over 50 hostages and persecuted Christians, and it worked to end a genocide. These results are almost unbelievable, but more importantly, they have proven to be repeatable and with your help, scalable.

Sounds great, but why should you care?

This same TRAC5 model that has worked around the world in some of the most hopeless situations can be applied to your day-to-day life. In fact, it has been used to reconcile broken families, restore lost friendships and has even helped to save marriages.

How can TRAC5 work fo me? One secret of success is using an “Algorithm of Love.” Because like an algorithm, we put in a consistent set of variables and in return we can expect a set of predictable outcomes. Below is a list for self-assessment to be applied in any difficult or day-to-day conflict. Drawing instruction and inspiration from the Bible, the rules are as follows:

Things To Avoid: 

  1. Are you pushing a personal agenda?
  2. Are you asserting that "I" am right & "you" are wrong?
  3. Are you using the tactics of shame or disgrace; "pointing out mistakes"?
  4. Are you keeping a record of the offences committed by the "other" person?
  5. Are you holding anger toward the "other" person?
  6. Are you acting proud of yourself, your culture/country or religion?
  7. Are you happy when bad things happen to your enemy?

Things To Embrace:

  1. Are you patient with each other?
  2. Are you acting in kindness or acting upon your own self-interests?
  3. Are you seeking justice and truth?
  4. Are you hopeful (to God) for a positive outcome?
  5. Are you giving up easily or are you working together persistently?
  6. Do you think that the "other" party is trustworthy?
  7. Are you only protecting your self interest?

All of these factors should be incorporated with the following practices:

  1. Eat a meal together.
  2. Pray with & for each other.
  3. Highlight common ground & resolve any misunderstandings.
  4. Get to know them personally  (family, passions, concerns, etc.)

TRAC5 is built on this powerful foundation. We are delighted to share more testimonies and additional tools with you. Join the growing TRAC5 community today!

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mark siljander
mark siljander