A Deadly Misunderstanding – TRAC5

A Deadly Misunderstanding
By: Congressman Mark Siljander

His book offers a blueprint for breaking this logjam of dissention that contributes to so much conflict today.

Hon. James A. Baker III,

61st U.S. Secretary of State

A blueprint to challenge the “Ideology of Terror” that threatens our way of life.

Hon. John H. Dalton

70th Secretary of the Navy

I have been privileged to witness Mark D. Siljander’s pioneering efforts. Each page of “A Deadly Misunderstanding” is a testimony of Mark’s willingness to study, struggle and pay the price necessary to see Jesus’ Way of reconciliation and transformation restored to the Church and society.

Gary Bergel

President, Intercessors for America

An incredibly important work in the field of ideology change related to terrorism and war.

Rod A. Beckstrom,

Director of National Cybersecurity Center, Homeland Security

This courageous and groundbreaking work represents the culmination of many years of tireless effort, painstaking research and travels to dangerous corners of the world.

Joe Reeder

14th U.S. Army Undersecretary

One of the most exciting areas of contemporary research in Jewish/Christian/Muslim relations.

Fr. Sidney H. Griffith,

Eminent professor of Aramaic/Syriac at The Catholic University of America