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Congress, Cancer & Prison!



Our Jesus-centric diplomacy; a new & transformative strategy!

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A deeper fulfillment of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus!

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War & persecution; saving thousands of lives one conflict at a time!

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Crisis Response

We Stop Wars And Help End Persecution!

What Is TRAC5?
"Jesus-Centric Diplomacy""TRAC5" is a term that refers to a strategy. A unique approach that is best defined as a "Jesus-centric[...]
Christian Hostages – TESTIMONY
Watch The TestimonyTRAC5 travelled to the Central African Republic, securing the release of 3 Christian hostages, bringing the Muslim and[...]
Darfur Genocide – TESTIMONY
A TRAC5 TestimonyIn the mid 2000's, TRAC5 travelled to Sudan 12 times in a 18 month period to pray with[...]
“Bad News” for evil spirits
With 56,000 denominations of Christianity, all divisively splitting hairs over doctrine, is there a way to clearly define “The Gospel”?The[...]