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With this important new work, Mr. Siljander (founder of Trac5) has courageously stood up to be counted.

Hon. Ban Ki-moon: 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations

What Is "TRAC5" ?

"Faith-centric Diplomacy"

Trac5 is a strategy used to develop authentic personal friendships and explore spiritual common ground. In peacemaking and crisis response, it is a supplemental approach used to enhance traditional political, diplomatic, military, and economic strategies. Trac5 is contrarian and counterintuitive to many secular minds because it embraces humility and "love" and avoids pursuing a personal, religious, or foreign policy agenda. It turns enemies into friends by championing a friendship first mentality whereby creating a safe space to discuss spiritual ideas in a way that unites even the most diverse people groups and organically encourages them to "do the right thing."

Trac5 is avant-garde when juxtaposed with a long-established history in the U.S. of not engaging/negotiating with enemies which has unfortunately netted a seemingly hopeless and one-sided conundrum. Moreover, the U.S. has led most foreign policy norms for decades and has eliminated anything even remotely related to faith due to the separation of church and state. Trac5 operates in an unofficial capacity and has overcome this void by satisfying the need to engage friends and enemies on a spiritual level. Trac5 accomplishes this uniquely by using our game-changing research of the Semitic languages which brings Muslims, Christians, and Jews (or 4+ billion people) closer than heretofore thought possible.

A "Trac5" Approach

Augmenting The 4 Traditional Methods Of Engagement: 

1. Political

2. Diplomatic

3. Military

4. Economic

...a blueprint for breaking this logjam of dissension that contributes to so much  conflict today.

Hon. James Baker III: 61st U.S. Secretary of State

Where We Work

USA, Europe, Africa & The Middle East


To Implement Faith-based Diplomacy In Real-World Conflicts While Inspiring You To Do The Same.


To Scale The TRAC5 Model That Helps To Resolve Conflict, Secures Freedom For The Persecuted & Empowers Discipleship.


A 20+ Year Track-Record  Impacting World Leaders, Stopping Wars, Freeing Hostages & Even Ending A Genocide.