Our Impact – TRAC5

Stopping 6 Conflicts, Freeing 50 Hostages & Ending A Genocide!


(South Sudan & Sudan) U.S. Congressional Delegation Visit for Peace Talks

Crisis Response Teams


(Afghanistan) - 18,000 Afghans Rescued

Crisis Response Teams


(Sudan) - Peaceful Transition 

Building A Lasting Peace


(Turkey) - An International Diplomatic Crisis

Pastor Andrew Brunson - Released!


(Sudan) - Working with Congressmen & others to release 2 more Christian prisoners in Sudan - a result of our long standing "Trac5" relationship-based diplomacy.

Christian Prisoners - Released!


(Sudan) - A trip to Sudan directly resulting in the release of Christian prisoner Petr Jasek.

Christian Prisoner - Released!


(Geneva, Switzerland) - Trac5 speaks on a panel at the UN, making a presentation on how to defeat radicalism.

UN Presentation


(Brussels, Belgium) - Days after the terror attacks at the airport, Trac5 is asked to address the European Parliament about how best to respond to this growing threat.

EU Presentation


(Central African Republic) - The Trac5 team takes two trips in response to the Muslim / Christian war in the region. The result of these trips was 3 hostages being released and a signed peace treaty.

Muslim / Christian War


(Sudan) - Trac5 team members responded to the case of Meriam Ibrahim, hand delivering a note to the top government officials -directly resulting in the release of this Christian prisoner.

Christian Prisoner - Released!


(Iran) - Worked with Iranian leadership to free the 2 Christian women sentenced for apostasy (Marzieh Amirizadeh & Maryam Rostampour).

Christian Prisoners - Released!


(Sudan) - Prayer with the Sudanese President to stop the flogging of a UN employee, Lubna al-Hussein, for dressing in pants.

Torture Sentence - Avoided!


(Afghanistan) - The S. Korean government requests that Trac5 come to the aid of the 23 Christian missionaries kidnapped by the Taliban. (completed by ICRD)

Taliban Releases Missionaries


(Sudan) - 12 trips to Sudan to pray with the President which resulted in a deployment of UN peacekeepers - ending the Darfur Genocide - millions of lives affected.

Darfur Genocide - Stopped!


(Sudan) - Prayer meetings with the President & government leaders - resulting in a civil war ending (over 2 million people killed).

Civil War - Ended!


(Congo, Brazzaville) - Worked with the President & the rebellion funder to end the guerrilla warfare conflict with Pastor Ntumi.

Guerrilla War - Stopped!


(Congo, Kinshasa) - Prayer meetings with the Presidents: Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame leading to the 2002 cease-fire and the Pretoria Accord.

Cease-Fire Signed!


(Iraq) - Meetings with the Saddam Regime resulting in him allowing UN weapons inspectors to come - in a failed attempt to avoid the war.

Preventing War - Failed!


(Ghana) - Assisting President Kufuor in a peaceful transition and a positive transformation of his country - becoming a beacon of hope in the region.

A Hope For Africa


(Pakistan) Prayer meetings with President Musharraf which led to the release of over 20 Christian men imprisoned under "Sharia Law" charges.

Sharia Law Prisoners - Set Free!


(Libya) - Trac5 has multiple meetings with the Gaddafi regime which directly resulted in the release of the 1988 Lockerbie/PanAm bombing suspects - Justice for the 270 people who were killed.

Justice For Terror Victims


(Benin) Established a prayer partnership with President Matthew Kereku, a former communist dictator - resulting in the tribal conflict ending.

Former Communist For Jesus


(Liberia) - Trac5 as part of the Muslim/Christian team that encouraged the successful Abuja Peace Accords - ending a conflict that killed 200,000 people.

Ending A Conflict


(Western Sahara) - Prayer meetings with President Mohamed Abdelziz - resulting in the Western Sahara Cease-Fire Agreement - ending a conflict that killed 10's of thousands.

Prayer With A President