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Fulfilling What It Means To Be A Disciple

Spiritually awakened to a new way of thinking….There was still a problem. My wife Nancy called me a hypocrite and she was right. She argued that “you spent your life searching the Bible and learning how to fulfill Jesus command to “love” enemies in real life.

Then you find the solution and successfully apply it with leaders around the world, including with the enemies of America. And it worked to stop wars and free persecuted believers in places like Iran, Afghanistan and Sudan.

And as a consequence, these positive results caught the attention of certain elements in the government whose self-interests are negatively affected by peace. The “Deep State” ruthlessly persecutes you and your family, and forgave them. All this and yet, you have a daughter at home, a broken relationship that desperately needs forgiveness. How can you “love” the enemies of America...but you cannot do the same with your own daughter?”

Wow…I felt convicted; I was failing to fulfill this commandment in my own home.

So I prayed to God that if I could not reconcile with my own daughter, I would quit and do something else.

To my amazement, once I began applying these scriptural mysteries in my own home, things began changing dramatically...for the better! Today, my daughter and I are closer than ever and we can genuinely love each other despite our perceived differences.

Who would not want to learn these transformative teachings of Jesus? Thankfully, you do not need to travel the world or learn foreign languages to make it work. Each and every one of us can become stronger and more effective disciples of Jesus.

Our TRAC5 training includes:

1. Practical applications of how to reconcile with broken relationships and overcome life’s stressful challenges.

2. Exciting research that brings new life and meaning to the Bible...and a greater strength for apologetics. 

3. Learn how you can apply these ancient principles in your can have an impact to improve racial, political and religious tensions.

This is not just about surviving in those moments of deep brokenness…It’s about thriving in the Messiah.

I am convinced that by working together, we can have a tremendous impact. On behalf of the TRAC5 community, you are invited to become a part of this exciting journey.

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mark siljander
mark siljander