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Netflix: Libya Peacemaking Report
Justice For Terror Victims

For over 30 years, the founders of Trac5 have cultivated peace, reconciliation and justice in places like Libya, Iraq, Sudan and the Central African Republic. Trac5’s bold Blueprint for peace is the result of decades worth of research into the Semitic heart languages of Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

In Libya, Trac5 engaged in private meetings with the Gaddafi regime starting in 1999 and contributed to the long-sought release of the Lockerbie Bombing suspects evading justice in Libya. 270 men, women and children including 189 Americans were murdered on Pan AM flight 103. As a result, Gaddafi accepted responsibility for the bombing which led to justice for the victims of this terror attack and compensation for the families. Our follow-up efforts over 1 and a half years in applying Trac5 "spiritual diplomacy" with Libya contributed to breaking down decades of resistance with the West and ultimately, in 2003, Libya also denounced WMDs and their radical/militant agenda.

By incorporating a study of the Aramaic heart language of Jesus, our founder Mark Siljander has made stunning discoveries that are paradigm-altering and likewise touch the hearts of many. When applied, this research and subsequent Blueprint has proven successful in resolving real-world conflicts and even helps to defuse the ideology that underpins terrorism.

Today, most of the hunger and humanitarian crises are a direct result of war and conflict. And among these conflicts, Muslims, Christians, and Jews are often associated, as in the case of Yemen, South Sudan, and Palestine. But thankfully, it is with this demographic that Trac5 can have the most impact!

Whether responding to conflicts or working to prevent them from happening, we need partners like you in 2020!

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