Part 2 – Training

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Fulfilling What It Means To Be A Disciple...

God answered my pleas. Why did He take my life from great success to great brokenness? His answer; this was to be a training ground, taking me on a journey from palaces to prisons. The Jesus-centric message of redemption I had shared around the world now needed to be applied in my own home.

Words have tremendous power; words form beliefs for which people are willing to live and die. Some words can unlock a door to the human heart. A passion for studying scripture, especially Aramaic (the heart language of Jesus) offered a fresh understanding and a new strength for apologetics of the Bible. It also revealed a secret; one that uncovered why the world is in such a mess and more importantly, what we can do about it.

God showed us how to practically connect with Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders around the world. This demographic happens to be where most of the world's conflict is coming from. Rather than using the typical human instincts, we decided to connect on a spiritual level. Fulfilling what it means to follow Jesus, I learned how to love and pray with world leaders, in fact quite effectively in many Muslim countries. And while hard to believe, we talked almost exclusively about Jesus.

I was being trained to use a Jesus-centric approach, which in my experience creates fertile ground for God to work in the hearts of these leaders. As a result, we formed a Crisis Response Team, applying how to “love our enemies” in real-life. In doing so, we were able to carry the name of Jesus into the most difficult places. And believe it or not, our team has seen a nearly 100% success rate, ending wars and helping persecuted Believers. 

I would soon apply what I learned internationally in a series of challenges in my personal life…but why should you care? I want to invite you on this remarkable journey to become a fulfilled follower of Jesus. Our challenge to you is to apply this new “way” of living that will impact you, your family, your community and the world around us.

Our team has spent over 20 years applying the teachings of Jesus around the world. And today, we have a simple vision… to inspire YOU to do the same.

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