The Qur’an With References To The Bible

Why Is This Unique?

  • The Contemporary English Is Very Easy To Read
  • Both A Muslim & A Christian Worked Together To Translate This Version
  • This Is The ONLY Translation To Have Over 3000 Bible Verses Written Out In The Footnotes
  • This Tool Helps Both Muslims & Christians To Better Understand One Another

To my extreme satisfaction I have finally come across an indispensible study by Dr. Safi Kasis and Dr. David Hungerford entitled “The Qur’an – with References to the Bible: A Contemporary Understanding” that not only exhaustively addressed my burning desire but provides for and represents the Qur’an in a simple way that is easy to understand and shows the common ground that both Christianity and Islam have. I highly encourage everyone interested to learn more about the commonality of Islam and Christianity through this publication.

Niaz Mina

Amazon Customer

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