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Chapter 3 – The Secret Language Of The Bible

Chapter 3. From my year of searching through the Bible after that encounter with Doug Coe, I knew that the word “convert” appears exactly ten times in the New Testament (King James version) and five times in the Old Testament. A close read of the Aramaic edition turned up several words that are normally translated […]

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Chapter 2 – Paradigm Crash

Chapter 2. When I came to Washington in 1981, the media dubbed me one of the biggest Jesus freaks ever elected to Congress. The reason those Christian leaders had singled me out to accompany them to the Mideast was my reputation for being such a committed Evangelical Christian myself. I was so outspoken about my […]

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Chapter 1 – Hostage

Chapter 1. Why would Yasser Arafat want me dead? Why would he even care about some insignificant young freshman representative from Michigan?They said, We don’t think it’s about the length of your tenure, Congressman. It’s the passion of your words, continued the agent, that has caught the attention of certain people.Well, I’m not canceling my […]

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