What is Trac5?

Trac5 is a group of political, religious and business leaders from around the world, most from an Abrahamic faith background.  We work with community leaders and world leaders to directly respond to the growing problems between Muslims, Christians and Jews. We educate and inspire others, helping to equip Muslims and Christians with tools of reconciliation.

Trac5 refers to our strategic approach of engagement. That is a person-to-person, spiritually based approach. We are able to address even the most controversial issues such as "the Son of God" and "the Trinity," finding new and exciting common ground​.

What Does Trac5 Do?

We Research Scripture

  • Revealing Powerful Insight In The Semitic Languages
  • Highlighting The Little Known Common Ground
  • & Dispelling The Deadly Misunderstandings That Divide

We Respond To Conflict

  • Engaging World Leaders
  • Stopping Wars & Genocide
  • Impacting People & Real World Conflicts

We Engage Our Neighbors

  • Empowering Grassroots Movements
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships In Communities Around The World
  • Equipping Community Leaders For A De-centralized Awakening